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I have had a number of interviews since my book I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare was released last year. All of these interviews have been a blessing, but I believe two interviewers stand out above all the others. Many of you have already heard my interviews with Todd Wilken of Issues etc. Todd is one of the best interviewers out there and I am thankful for his work. Nevertheless, this Interview with Derek Gilbert stands alongside the Issues Etc interviews as necessary resource for anyone interested in the topic of exorcism and spiritual warfare. I am grateful for Derek’s interviewing skills and his acceptance to not only provide me with the opportunity to talk about my book but also for his 5 star review of my book.

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A friend of mine sent me the following link for a new movie:

Whenever, these movies come out I try to get out to see them just so I can keep up with the bad theology that people are attributing to how the Church handles the topics of Satan and demons. So I will no-doubt watch the movie when it comes to local theaters. What problems do I have with such movies? They always give the devil more power than he possesses. Yes, it is true that Satan has the ability to do horrific things, but in view of Jesus he is powerless and week. Our reliance must always be on Jesus who has already defeated the devil and his demons on the cross not on men and their formulas. The seven son’s of the jewish priest learned this lesson in Acts chapter 19 and it would be good for those so-called demonologists to remember such things.

For true life stories of Possession and how Jesus defeats the devil see the book, I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

Part 4 of my Series on demon possession will be today at 4pm EST on Issues Etc.

Today we will learn what Luther, our Lutheran Confessions, and recent and modern day theologians have to say on the topic. This is sure to be the most interesting of all of the interviews!

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My next interview will be on Monday May 19th @ 4pm EST. In this interview I will be talking about exorcism in the Gospels. Please consider listening. The link to the website is provided here:

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This interview focuses on the stories of those who were converted from the traditional religions of Madagascar to Christianity and the spiritual battles they faced along the way.


Please consider listening to my second interview with Issues, Etc. at 4pm EST today (Friday May 16, 2014) where you will hear the stories of those who were once followers of the devil, but are now Christians, leaders in their churches, and Lutheran pastors. Are these people really Lutheran? Listen and decide for yourselves. How do they talk about their faith? What does their worship look like? Where do the sacraments fit into their lives? All of these things will be discussed today on Issues, Etc.

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It is impossible for human brings to look at apparently supernatural or paranormal events and identify the spirit behind the event except for the context in which the event occurs, and the most important feature in that context is the Word of God. Where false doctrine accompanies the so-called miracle, the spirit behind the miracle is always suspect. -Siegbert W Becket



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