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I have had a number of interviews since my book I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare was released last year. All of these interviews have been a blessing, but I believe two interviewers stand out above all the others. Many of you have already heard my interviews with Todd Wilken of Issues etc. Todd is one of the best interviewers out there and I am thankful for his work. Nevertheless, this Interview with Derek Gilbert stands alongside the Issues Etc interviews as necessary resource for anyone interested in the topic of exorcism and spiritual warfare. I am grateful for Derek’s interviewing skills and his acceptance to not only provide me with the opportunity to talk about my book but also for his 5 star review of my book.

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My next interview will be on Monday May 19th @ 4pm EST. In this interview I will be talking about exorcism in the Gospels. Please consider listening. The link to the website is provided here:

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This interview focuses on the stories of those who were converted from the traditional religions of Madagascar to Christianity and the spiritual battles they faced along the way.


It is impossible for human brings to look at apparently supernatural or paranormal events and identify the spirit behind the event except for the context in which the event occurs, and the most important feature in that context is the Word of God. Where false doctrine accompanies the so-called miracle, the spirit behind the miracle is always suspect. -Siegbert W Becket


There has been a change in scheduling for my next interview on Issues, Etc. The next interview will be Monday, May 19, 2014 @ 4:00 pm (Live). Please tune in and learn about the Lutheran Understanding of Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare.

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Today I had the opportunity to speak on Issues Etc radio. The topic of the conversation was demon possession and spiritual warfare. This topic has received little attention in recent Lutheran conversations, but it remains an important part of Lutheran theology. In this first interview I spoke about the Lutheran Church of Madagascar and how exorcism is an integral part of their evangelistic outreach. For those who are unaware of the Lutheran Church of Madagascar it is one of the fastest growing Lutheran Church in the world with over five million members. Most of the members are converts from the traditional religion of the island which is anamism.

If you are wondering about the relevance of this topic to the American context you only need to examine the American spiritual context. We live in a society that with greater frequency claims to be “spiritual but not religious.” Our televisions are filled with ghost stories, mediums the paranormal and stories after death experiences . Moreover, these television shows represent the interests of their watchers. In other words, our society is becoming anamistic.

As people seek after the spirits of the dead they are opening themselves up to the demonic world which hides under the guise of spiritualism. Please consider listening to this the first part of a four part series and as you do think of the parallels presented between the situation in Madagascar and those which are becoming common in our American context.

You can find the recording of the interview at the following link:



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